Our History

Our History

The school was founded in 1902 by Miss E Carter in an old home in Dalton Road, Mosman, originally owned by the Dalton Family. 

In 1916 Miss M Grant took over the running of the School and remained as principal until 1945.  The house was leased at first and later purchased by the Grant Family.  Miss Grant introduced the brown uniform to the School. The Killarney School children are instantly recognisable in their brown gingham uniforms, which they wear to school with pride. The uniform is part of the schools unique character and is a wonderful way of introducing children to the traditions of school and also provides them with a sense of belonging. 

In 1946 Miss E Laver took over from Miss Grant and later retired in 1965 and gave the School to Mrs J Webb who had been employed at the School since 1953. Mrs Webb become the Director and in 1973, the house in Dalton Road was sold, becoming a retirement home and the School moved to its present site in Belmont Road.  Mrs Webb gave the School to the parents in 1973 to ensure its survival and it became a non-profit making company limited by guarantee.  

In 1980 Mrs J Larcombe was engaged as the new Teaching Director. The School’s premises were purchased from Mosman Council in February 1984 having been previously leased. At the end of 1988, Mrs Larcombe retired and Mrs L Potter became the new Director. 

During 1988, the School achieved the long held objective of owning the property at 71 Belmont Road, Mosman, unencumbered.

At the end of 1995, Mrs Potter retired as Director to further her studies. Miss K Odell was employed as the new Director in 1996 and resigned in August 2005 expecting her first child.

In 2006, Mrs P Kordish commenced as Teaching Director with The Killarney School.