Our Values

Our Values

Our values encompass four main areas:

1. Children

  • We believe children are to be respected and recognised regardless of differences or similarities
  • We value children’s rights; they are treated with respect and equality and are encouraged to learn at their own pace
  • We foster the love of learning and support children to have a positive attitude towards learning
  • We provide a safe and secure environment where children can thrive to their absolute potential
  • We believe children are competent, knowledgeable beings and their ideas and interests are to be respected and used to form the basis of the program
  • We believe children should have relative control over their learning to acquire a sense of agency
  • We believe in the significance of children to have the enjoyment of ‘Being’
  • We believe in providing an inviting environment where children are inspired
  • We believe that play is essential for children to learn.

2. Family

  • We believe that families are the first and foremost educators of children
  • We believe that families are unique and provide abundant opportunities for a diverse, relevant and culturally rich program
  • We value the caring family community, where families feel they ‘Belong’
  • We believe in providing an environment that thrives on open communication, support to one another and meaningful partnerships
  • We believe that by aiming to offer a two-year program, close bonds are created between Educators, children and their families
  • We value the enthusiasm of parents, children and Educators as they are actively involved.


3. Community

  • We believe The Killarney School plays a valuable role in the local community
  • We support families by providing links with local services
  • We value the high community spirit
  • We believe that community values should be incorporated into daily procedures and practices
  • We celebrate as one; incorporating all cultures
  • We uphold the traditions of The Killarney School and the well-respected reputation it possesses
  • We respect the natural environment and sustainability

4. Educators

  • We believe in providing a nurturing and encouraging environment which allows children to explore their creativity and inquisitiveness
  • Educators are caring and enthusiastic. They take pride in the school and provide a personal approach with encouragement and support
  • Educators provide a safe, secure and challenging environment with a balance of structured and unstructured activities with the freedom of adaptability
  • Educators are advocates of quality education, and strive to provide an environment where all children’s needs are met
  • Educators are dedicated, committed, educated, and knowledgeable, and continue to learn
  • Educators prepare children for future endeavours and acknowledge who the children are ‘Becoming.’