Educational Program

Educational Program

At Killarney, we are committed to providing a developmental and educational program which caters for each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests. 

Our program will continue to develop as we use the relationships children have with their families and communities, working in partnership with parents, to ensure each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests are the foundation of our programs. 

We encourage children to be responsible for their own learning through choices in experiences, interests and routine. We use conversations, actions and play as the basis for teaching which involves the children being partners in teaching by seeking out ideas, opinions, thoughts and questions. 

We encourage children by promoting their independence and self-help skills by assisting with the routine and involving them in interest based projects to further enhance their learning and knowledge.  

To accommodate individual learning styles, we use a diverse range of teaching methods. These include free discovery situations, child initiated and directed activities, as well as educator initiated and assisted experiences. Each child is listened to, guided and encouraged to promote learning and self-worth.

We promote play-based learning. Importance is placed on language, literacy and communication as well as social and emotional development. A play-based program does not mean that children just do what they like all day. In a play-based program there will be times when children come together as a group, listen when others are talking, follow the rules of group living and begin to take responsibility for their actions and their environment. We know that children learn effectively through play and our Educators, who are diligent in their responsiveness to each child, support this. Applying strong intentional teaching practices provide the children with an authentic and meaningful learning environment that challenges, supports and nurtures a child’s development. 


We do not provide formal lessons in the way that a school does. Children are immersed in an environment that is stimulating and full of opportunities for expression of meaning. We provide a range of materials and resources that allow children to explore and develop their interests in literacy, numeracy, science & technology, human society & its environment, creative arts, and physical education.

To see further information on a typical day at Killarney, please follow the link: Killarney School Routine